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CameraPixels is a state-of-the-art
iOS photo, video, and bracketing app!

The all-in-one capture solution


CameraPixels can easily be used for everyday photography. The advanced settings are just one tap away and the presets make it simple to start the app pre-configured


Capturing stunning cinematic videos in 4K or the breathtaking slow-motion at 240 fps, with full control of the quality, framing, and output format is a common thing to do in CameraPixels

exposure and focus brackets

Bracketing is usually beyond simple photography, but in CameraPixels it's as simple as taking a standard photo. You can capture exposure brackets with up to 15 images or focus brackets with up to 100 images

slow shutter

Creative photography becoming more popular among mobile photographers and CameraPixels can help with that. Smooth water or light painting effects, empty streets... the result is only limited by your imagination

The multi-tool of mobile photographer

Everything you need
to capture the moment
in any situation

CameraPixels offers standard and advanced tools
while being easy to use!

RAW and ProRAW

Raw capture unlocks a whole new level for iPhone photography post-processing. The ProRAW pushes the limits even further, combining the power of RAW and computation photography

Manual controls

Full support for manual controls, including semi-manual exposure modes. The manual focus supports focus peaking and loupe for precise adjustments. The white balance has presets and grey card calibration


The intervalometer allows you to capture a single or a series of photos at the specified time intervals. You can limit the number of images or let it capture until manually stopped

Advanced video recording

With CameraPixels you can record gorgeous 4K videos or slow-motion with up to 240 fps. You can control the resolution, framing, and quality of the recorded video or time-lapse

The best bracketing on iOS

CameraPixels is known for its best-in-class bracketing. You can capture exposure brackets in auto or semi-manual modes, focus brackets with up to 100 images, and even combined brackets


If you often use the same settings in a particular situation, you can save them as a preset and set up your camera with just one tap. The saved presets can also be added to the Today widget

In action

Professional photographers
and CameraPixels

Check the projects where professionals
use CameraPixels to get some amazing results

Real Estate

Mobile photography has reached the level where it can be used in a professional environment. Don’t believe us? Check the BoxBrownie website, where they teach how to use your iPhone, CameraPixels, and their editing and enhancement services to get amazing photos of the real estate.

Railroad Models 

Building railroad models is an art. It’s also a lot of fun and part of it is taking photos to show your friends and other model railroaders. Check The Hills Line website, where James explains how he switched to an iPhone and uses CameraPixels to capture fantastic train model photos!

HDR photography

High dynamic range photography is a great way to create photographs that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Capturing multiple exposures with CameraPixels on his iPhone and carefully blending them together, Alessandro creates breathtaking photos of abandoned places.
What people say

Unique focus stacking capabilities!

I am working on a project where my main subject is always at about 8 inches from the iPhone and I want a sharp image to infinity. This obviously requires focus stacking. CameraPixels is the only app I found that can do both focus stacking and save to DNG file format. In CameraPixels I saved a Mode that shoots 10 images from 8 inches to infinity and the process is very easy. I then process the images on my computer using Zerene Stacker and I am very happy with the results. I also find the interface of CameraPixels very intuitive. Highly recommended!

The first real "pro" app I found in months

Awesome! It offers all the manual controls... but many apps do. What no one else does is the bracketing! Exposure as well as focus. This is great as I (semi professional photographer and full time traveler) don’t want my exposure bracket to be processed in an app...I do that with my MacBook and Lightroom/photoshop. Also the Focus bracketing, no need to adjust anything in an app like with the others. This app takes the pictures so you can edit them in the best way on the computer. This is what makes this app pro.

Underrated app

This app is amazing for focus bracketing and HDR. Why Apple! Why hasn’t this app been promoted yet! There are thousands off camera apps listed that all do the same, this has truly unique features and I had to search hard to find it. Pitty. For all the people out there, this is well worth the money.